My Dear Creator


My Dear Creator,

This Day, an expression of love, a day to show those you love your admiration, your promise, your vows once made or even a desire to say those vows, of undying forever to the end of time love. Yet, from the blogs I’ve read as of late, those vows can be broken, they can be torn to pieces, shredded, left for dead. Love, broken, painful, and surprisingly bitter.

You, Creator, it is You that created us to want, need, desire, crave, beg for more. And, that is impossible on a human level to fill. It is impossible to give to another a love so perfect and fulfilling. But YOU, Lord, Creator, Rock, and Hope. Only you can give love so perfectly. Only YOU can fulfill anyone and everyone.

Thank you, for your perfect love for me. Thank you, for your perfect love for all of your creation.






My Love, My Lord, My Hope,

It IS My desire, to live intentionally, to love, be loved. To LIVE. To live the love you want me to live. You, My Creator, so want for me to be fulfilled, loved and fulfilled. You, My Creator, desire for me to appreciate and love You have given TO me.


I want to be there. HERE. To live intentionally.