Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

My Dear, Yes My Dear,

I write this to you and I hope to be raw. Raw, real, revealing and did I say raw? I want for you and every other cheater to realize and know the pain your decision, your choice, your moves have caused. YOUR moves HAVE CAUSED SINCERE AND GREAT PAIN.

Sincere: free of dissimulation : honest

  • a sincere interest

free of dissimulation : honest

  • a sincere interest

Real: (of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine:

“the earring was presumably real gold”

synonyms:genuine · authentic · bona fide · kosher · honest-to-goodness ·


Raw: (of an emotion or quality) strong and undisguised:

“he exuded an air of raw, vibrant masculinity”

synonyms:strong · intense · passionate · fervent · powerful · violent · undisguised ·

I think, people like you  have no idea of your actions, your choices. People like you are selfish, self evolved, greedy, and all that jazz.
I say these things not to hurt, but to bring perspective…. perspective to my  life. Will I be able to stand firm, be strong.
Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power??
Will I?
I don’t know, I just don’t.  A couple of years ago I was scolding myself for being selfish and introspective. I believed that YOU owed ME, since you were , at that time , a …. uhhh…. errrr. a DRUNK.  Yeah, You would drink, get intoxicated, mean and angry. You would yell, make the most cruel comments to all, and just act plainly and painfully mean. As far as I was concerned, I was gipped, you owed me.. Big Time. You, yes YOU, needed to straighten up, Stand firm, and be a man, a man God appointed you to be.  STAND UP! , I would command in my prayers. RISE UP, be the man GOD created you to be.
And Here.AM.I, (yes purposefully stated in this manner) You ripped me off from all the Love, and peace that I, your wife and daughters deserved.
Yeah, learned a lesson from this, such as.. I deserve NOTHING. I knew who/what I was doing from the beginning. I should be ready to make my own path for myself and girls, and encourage you along the way along with the advice from  1 Peter 3:1. like it or not, believe it or not, agree with it or not.
So, again, Here am I=== but, my dear, please, please know:
God never would expect me to stay with a man who continually betrays his wife.
This have given  to me, permission to let you go.. go to her- go the them- go to whoever, this wife of 25 years married 28 together… this wife has tried. She is tired, she is worn, and she is done. Be with me only, share with me only or be gone.

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