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I hate to tell you – what they say is true

Well, well, well, I guess what “they,” Leading Experts say just might be true  is true; exercise DOES indeed, lift the spirit, give a boost of energy, makes you feel darn good. At least, that is how I am feeling today. (Smile)

Nearly a month ago my husband came home with a paper in hand, to announce that the gym he visits, on an occasional/ regular basis. AKA : go like mad for 10 – 12 weeks; too busy 10 – 12 weeks, go like mad…. you know what I mean, and, according to this article, these statistics are either not so bad or normal.  Telling my H he is “normal” ehhhh that would not go over very well. Anyway, this paper had exciting news! Boot camp for family members and friends could now be in session! Yahoo!

I’ve been saying gym and it is not a gym, I should clarify. It is truly a Boot Camp, it’s the newest thing these days. Well, for a few years now, it’s been the newest thing. We: daughters and I decided we were up for the challenge. Let’s do this!

We attended the orientation the First week of January, got measured and body fat taken (Yikes) I’ve pretty much stayed an active person, nothing bad azz, just 35 min or so of weights. I’m 50ish so Doctors tell me that’s a great choice, I just H-A-T-E cardio, I mean I HATE. so I knew it was going to be an “ahem” buster for me. I could stand to lose Five pounds and gaining muscle would be my goal, losing body fat—- a darn must.

The challenge is for six weeks, in the beginning, I kept reminding myself that I can do anything for six weeks, including, waking at 4 am to meet up with the family at the Total Transformation Center for a 30-minute work-out weekdays and one hour on Saturday.

The food portion consists of lean proteins and veggies and for me, because of my body fat range (okay okay it’s 30% at this time) I have two days that for 45 minutes, I can eat whatever I want. I do not have a choice to skip these days, it is a must. I so far have lost 4% body-fat.. yahoo and, five pounds.

In addition to these amazing changes, I do not dread hearing the alarm go off at four. In fact, I like getting this workout done and able to carry on with my day. Otherwise, having to work out at the end of my workday caused stress, and I would need to cut it short, often, because I needed to either start dinner or buy ingredients for dinner. Now, meals are prepped, usually, Sunday with a family Costco run on Saturday or Sunday, after church. Since one daughter lives about twenty minutes away, across town and the other we rarely see, this has been a really fun, bonding time.

Thankfully, for today, my dear friend/reader here, who gives great words of wisdom,

has helped me to look “there” instead of “here” 😀

If I allow myself to leave my H in the hands of God, I will do much better. My focus, for today, that one day at a time thingy, My focus for today is my relationship with my God, Creator, and healing my heart and body from the past three – four years of abuse I’ve put them through.

Be well, all



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