Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

And there it is:





Let down


Let down





Dear Betrayed, Misled, Broken, Let Down, Abandoned, Deceived, and Forsaken Spouse, Significant Other, Better Half,


You know those times when you’re  re-thinking, for the zillionth time an incident that your Wayward, Delinquent, Uncompliant, Headstrong, Incorrigible, Immoral, Self-Indulgent, Fickle, Aberrant …. Uh  other half  has said, or done to murder your self-respect , and you become enraged?!


This is where I’ve been these past few days.


I’ve been re-thinking my last text session to OW2 and her Newly Married H. I will find the link for those posts, tomorrow, for now, I want to put this before you to see what your thoughts are.


You see, during the time I was “harassing” her and the man to whom she is newly  married, I always would leave the impression she was banging my Boyfriend, never Husband. The why’s will be explained in my links, but mostly because she/they ( Her newly married H) live in their home near us Full-Time. Until we retire, we live in the home close to theirs, very part-time. So because that home is empty, I fear to give too much info. What an Effed up situation, Thank you dumb, horny ass, can’t control himself Husband.


So, because I refer to myself as a Girl Friend, I figure even though she will know, her H will not, hopefully.


Whats the point, Newlease, you ask.  Well…. When she wrote that last text, the one she called me a crazy, but poor woman who allows her HUSBAND—yes, HUSBAND,  read the words HUSBAND,  to treat me, the poor, crazy, possibly drug addicted (her words) woman. like shit. Have some self-worth, she said. Your Husband doesn’t love you, you’re a joke.

I ask you, I ask me, why did she use the word HUSBAND,?


Many Times?


Because she is banging my husband. Because she didn’t think..

This ^^^^^^This right here is the very crappy proof I get but isn’t good enough to be used as proof.



We had our ring fingers tattooed for our 20th Anniversary. Long story why that is a big deal for him, I’ll tell you eventually. I would wear the original one he gave me over that tattoo, meant for just us.

I took that original, gold diamond ring off and have yet to put it back on.  He hasn’t noticed.

This time, I don’t care.

Tell me Betrayed Spouses, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “And there it is:”

  1. This was about a month ago. I had been occasionally leaving her messages at work because I was still questioning myself. That started around September. In fact, her voicemail was how I found out they got married. Imagine, getting married only to come back to your lover.

    I always said she was with my boyfriend (instead of husband) because I didn’t know what would happen to our house should her husband find out just who it was. ( I was texting him as well, another story)

    One week we went to stay at the cabin and my husband did the usual, I’m going to run up to the store to get: fill in the blank. She works at the bank next to the store. I called her, got her on the phone and said “hey your boyfriend or lover, whatever how ever you guys refer to each other just left, he will be there soon” she was silent.

    My dumb husband came back with flowers made a joke about his girlfriend working hard and said, haha you’re my girlfriend. I’m not sure why he did that but I let it go. Remember, he claims he has no idea who this chic is that I am accusing him of banging.

    So… this goes on, me leaving messages for her and finally she answers the phone at work, and says, hey, I can’t talk, I’d love to chat call me, here is my cell number. Please call. I asked, “”Do you know who I am and her answer of course is no, I have no idea who you are”

    I don’t call because I’m not going to try to convince her of what I already know. HOWEVER, the next time I am up at the cabin, she drives by and waves. Usually, she will never even look at me.

    I find my husband is stalking her FB weeks later, become enraged and start texting her about my boyfriend. Both she and her husband are texting me, telling me I’m a meth head, loser, put down the pipe. Hours later she texts me to tell me my H treats me like shit and I should get some self respect or even self esteem and leave him.

    I went ghost. I want nothing to do with anyone anymore, I know now and he can deny all he wants. I will say that I think at this point she has kicked him to the curb because he has been in no rush to go to the cabin and we are usually there every other weekend.

    My blood is beginning to boil again.


  2. So, she knows who you are? How long ago was that and how on earth did you start out texting her?

    I had two text incidents with the ow/ he swears no other woman so why did I deal with that drama?


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