Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Update Weekend and Visitor

He sent me to town for an errand; he couldn’t go because he was burning brush. HER H just left for work.

During the time I was waiting for my visitor to be available, I slowly got ready to run his errand for him. I believe her H came back to the house.

Disclaimer: since I’ve been watching for a year plus, probably more like two years, I’ve been able to “memorize” the schedules and the habits, excuses, reasons, of the two, desperate in love. (scratch) horny for, lovers, or whatever the hell they call one another.

So, I leave, I *think* her H comes home, and my friend, who is quite good at what she does, takes a walk, befriends, my elderly neighbor, and sits on his deck, watching the happenings of my home and hers.

I receive text updates; your H is working, your H is moving toward the back, your H keeps looking at that house. The door opens, the dog escapes Ithat house) nothing, nothing, nothing. H continues to watch. H keeps watching. H, looks busy but doing nothing.

She tells me to lay low, wait a few weeks; she thinks he’s suspicious (that word tickles me, makes me LOL)

She then informs me ( this is why I’ve grown to love this girl) that my elderly neighbor, who so kindly let her sit on his deck, need groceries.

“I am going to wait until you return, and bring him to buy some supplies.”

Just effing WOW. What a heart!

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