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Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary, to me, and my H. We’ve been together 27 years, married, 25.

I was pregnant when we were married, it is still shameful, even though it’s not a hidden thing anymore. Still, I was embarrassed, if not humiliated. I wanted to have a “run away to Reno wedding”, my mother would have none of it, she wanted me to have a wedding ceremony that she felt I deserved.

Sweet, don’t you think?

His family was all: “tsk tsk” even though the pregnancy was his fault.  I could NOT use the pill, tried the diaphragm, that wasn’t going too well.’; so his job was, uh, his job was to ensure that, uh- he left the game before it ended.  But. not, of course, that didn’t’ work. So, I got “knocked up”

I “tried to trap him” as far as his Irish Catholic Mother, was concerned. (BTW, Irish Catholic Mama had a brother that was an Irish Catholic Preist) that is a huge “in” these days.

So, Mama and sisters (his sisters) were so sure that he was such a catch, I tried to trap him.  (Just where is that LOL, laughing hysterically emoji?)

Long story short, Three months after marriage, we lost our one and only son. He was perfect looking. I was eight, months pregnant, he came early. He also entered this world, dead. Not breathing.

We talked about this for the first time since 1993. After that date, June 16, 1993, we buried him and hardly spoke of it again. But for telling our next two daughters about him..

That is what we did last night, spoke of the time when we birthed and buried our one and only son.


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary”

  1. We are in Mexico, yes, he has ALWAYS been good with flowers and cards. However, poor guy, has to remind me the days following how thoughtful he was to buy me such beautiful flowers. My H, He loves with money. I want for NOTHING, I get the best of everything, that is his “love language” so to speak. He means well, he truly does. Of course, I’d rather have HIM, all and only. ❤ Thank you for the wishes of happiness.


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