Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

The reason why posts are “emptied”

I can’t think of a better word, I’m sorry.

There are posts, with titles, however, after a day or two, I decide to delete them, why?

Well, because I go back to read the post, I make only to read the responses. The responses I received, most loving and kind, sincere and filled with concern; I so very much appreciate your responses to me.  We are family indeed, yes?

Family…honest and heartfelt. True and sincere. Like a sister who would tell you to pull your head from your @zz. And I consider that true love.

So, when I receive assertive remarks to my post, I will re-read, see that I sound as if I am a whiney, leftover scorned lover. Or, like a crazed, out of control, again, scorned lover. So I decided to delete my post.


You all mean well, every single person. Those who have the “balls” to say your name and “speak” the truth, I’m willing to hear. Even those who send me those “anonymous” emails and have your followers — lack of a better word. As I said and deleted earlier, to bully me and anyone else in my shoes, most know what I mean.

Of course, it hurts. I may be 53, it still hurts, your words. I understand I’ve been there as well. “You” (bullies) are looking for anyone and anything to blame, other than the CHEATER- the husband .

I know, I blame my H too, and I also blame the desperate, thirsty, skank of the other woman as well. I will FOREVER blame the OW, thirsty whores.

I have NEVER been as desperate as the skanks who chased my husband down. I’ve NEVER dated a man that I knew was committed, be it married, engaged or dating. NEVER.

I’ve NEVER- I mean EVER— as in NEVER——- pretended to be the friend of a woman so that I could bed her man. NEVER.

Men- you are NOT animals, you can say NO- the ability to turn and run.

5 thoughts on “The reason why posts are “emptied””

  1. Do you still appreciate ‘likes” and comments?
    I am a bit confused. Are the comments of well-meaning followers helping you?


    1. Of course, I love comments true and sincere. I’m simply explaining the reason for deleted posts. There seems to be a person that reminds me of my Junior High Years, that’s all; only I don’t get a comment (for ALL to see), but an email. It’s odd, near bully stage.

      I love ya’ll, many mean well. Like I said, a sister tells the truth, calls me out, ya know?

      I don’t want to hear what “tickles my ears” (biblical speak) I want truth. When I receive the truth, someone who tells me I’m whining, I take it to heart, I think about it. When I get the bullying, “You deserve the heart ache” well, I might remove my post for protection purposes.

      Thanks for your sincere and thoughtful post.

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  2. You might consider password protecting them and not giving
    People the password, instead of deleting. You may want to look back on these someday and see how far you have come. I know my old posts startle me


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