Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Going to the House this weekend

.. and I am nervous, scared, uptight and, well, uptight.

I want to love it at our vacation home like I once did, but there is something that taints the feeling.

My H, he is all over me, loving me, telling me how beautiful I am.

I have a sister; she is serious, drop dead gorgeous. She ALWAYS has been. She is the woman who makes hardly an effort makeup wise, has worked out every single day since high school,  blonde, boobs, tiny waist, nice rear and the works. (Yes, friends, she has children.) Mostly she has a heart of gold.This sister, she is the only person in this world that I can reveal a deep, dark, secret to and I will know for a fact she will NOT reveal it, EVER.


BTW- I will repeat: YES, she has children.

She turns heads everywhere she goes. ALWAYS. We all know that beautiful women are often hated on by other women. We will make excuses for he (striking woman)  to be hated. For instance, I will name all the surgeries, fillers and so forth “she”  must have had in order to be so striking. Surely, she hasn’t come by “it” naturally.

All throughout high school, my sister was immediately hated by the other girls because they assumed she was “stuck-up” as was said in my day. When I dated guys, they would ask “you’re HER sister, really?”

Anyway, remember the wedding I spoke of earlier? My H tonight, and last night, the night before and the night before said to me: “YOU, You are the beautiful one, it’s you, at the wedding….. Oh, my— you were stunning. You Looked way better than ……. your sisters, waaaaay.  YOU looked soooo hot.

I’m not mentioning this to brag, or, whatever you might be thinking. I share this because as of late, this is how my H has been treating me. Telling me me what a wonder I am, beautiful, in shape,

As my H says. OH.MY.

Tonight, he spoke of how much I’ve been working out, how he feels the need to catch up with me. He claims, “you’ve always been hot, I married you for your ass, but, when you work-out, your attitude changes, it shows in your self-esteem.”

We’ve read that right? Working out improves the mood. It’s true; I’ve been feeling great emotionally and physically since hitting the gym.

Yet, for some reason, because I no longer trust him, I am assuming he is feeding me lines so that he can slip away with one of the girls.

I so wish he would spill the truth,Do you wanna make love or do you just want to fool around that way he would understand the reasons, many reasons, why I wonder every time he leaves my presence be it work or the house, I wonder ….. is he leaving to text, meet or have wild sex with whoever the flavor is this timee

I wish I could turn my brain off. Most of me think at this time it is him and me only. He is remorseful, wants only me, only me.

Then again, In the back of my mind, that small percent, I think he is trying to throw me off track.

My entire point of this point….. I am scared S**tless that he is planning a rendezvous with his skanky lover named Sleeza or his larger lover named Whorie.


Any guesses?

Be well my friends,



5 thoughts on “Going to the House this weekend”

  1. Perhaps true, then- that would be good. It’s the thought of them laughing AT me that gets me into trouble. I then want revenge— sweet revenge. Especially when one of the suspects tried desperately to cozy up to me, be my friend. I acted as if I took the bait, set up dinner or drinks out. When I texted to her a very strong and forceful message that I would love to meet her for lunch (after she stopped by the office for a sales presentation, claiming she has only passed through our small town, ski village place of residency in our vacation times, speaking LOUDLY to my H, so that I could hear. ) When, just several weeks before she NEVER heard of the place. So, I had enough, asked to meet with her for lunch. She asked why, I responded, nothing in particular, just a Heart to Heart. You know how the apple phones have that bubble pop up, informing you that the recipient of your text is responding,, or texting someone else? Well, I could see her texting and knew it was frantic, she was texting my H, asking if he knew why. Since I had told him after she left she was full of shit, because her stories keep changing I knew he was informing her she pushed it too far, she knows. (me, I am the she in knows) After about fifteen minutes, she texted back: “Sure, lunch sounds good. BTW, I’m not fucking any bodies man, or your H, if this is what lunch is about.”

    I wrote back simply: LOL

    I haven’t heard from her since. Mind you, she is a vendor that could be receiving our business. I would imagine she is frightened that I would tell her Corporate officers. She is right, I would and will tell them. I will also inform her many children ( 5, three from different fathers) that she is, ummmm errrrrr, opening her legs in hopes of snagging a committed man.
    Why? some might ask? Because her sons attended school with my daughters. The one my daughter’s age HATES her. Why? Why you ask? Because he is humiliated that she chases, comes on to, makes a scene with the fathers of her boy’s friends.

    L.O. Effing. L

    Dear L. 1. Hell, Dear Lisa,

    All of your set ups, your left behind clothing, your dinner for two dishes left behind, they worked. it brought to light what I’ve known. But, Dear L, Hell, Dear Lisa, Can’t wait to inform your family. Cant wait to force that extra phone from the hands of my Cheating H, all those naked videos and pictures of you pleasuring yourself.

    Happy. Effing. Facebook, Sleeza



  2. Your gut isn’t wrong. This is the three channels, he just flipped to Charm, he was previously on rage and self pity masquerading as him making you feel guilty because you’re so suspicious and he’s sooooo pure.

    why. Why would he suddenly be mister snug? After being mean and laughing at you. This is his cover story and you know it.

    So. When you go there. Play along. Keep him busy the whole time. Every time he says he needs to go to the store, go down on him. Suck him dry. And talk about how hot it makes you that he talks about how hot you are. Because then he has to
    Put out. You’re just feeding off his message right!

    And when he freaks out and ‘has to’ go… it’s anotner nail in the coffin. But keep quiet. Just. Let. It. Happen. What man turns down a blow job for Home Depot? This douche. And his raw rage about your advances will be out of proportion to his worry of being off schedule.

    And. Buy a 5 pack of trackR from Best Buy. Put one under his mud matt in the car. One in the glove compartment. One where the spare tire is. One under his sole of his shoe. (I would test that one I’m not sure of you would feel it, depends on the shoe)

    And just see what happens. Start watching where the fuck he goes.

    You already know. There’s no way the messages you have sent wouldn’t have resulted in harassment charges if there was really nothing.

    There’s no way it’s nothing. It’s his hubris. He believes you are nothing but a trophy, he doesn’t need to or want to actually have you. Just to pull you down from the shelf occasionally to enjoy occasionally. Like you’re a thing.

    You’re not a thing. And you’re not a puppet.


    1. Trust me my friend, this time ( I hope) I can remain collected. Problem is that my “pride” gets in the way when I think of he and she laughing AT me. Problem is I want solid, I mean AHhhhhh Haaa you bastard proof. That. That. makes me a fool.

      Thank you, dear blogger friend for your words. ❤


      1. I think you are kindof missing the point. These assholes have no object permanence. When you aren’t visible you don’t exist. They aren’t laughing at you. Because they aren’t anything at you. It’s just them their limbs their feelings their insatiable needs, nothing else matters because they are vapid awful people.


      2. Don’t worry- seriously , I can’t say anything publicly but really this will end perfectly for me. I need six months of me being oblivous and that company we own.. well trust me.

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