3 thoughts on “I am staying behind friends”

    1. Something very, ex·treme·ly simple. He mentioned he wanted to go for a walk, but should wait until it quit raining. He looked concerned. I know he was in turmoil: Do I, Don’t I? I prayed, please make the right decision also prayed that I would find the strength to leave I am able to follow through.

      So, I ran outside to check if her H truck was there.Yes. His truck was there. Because I pay attention to the times he leaves, I waited.

      Suddenly he (My H ) was nowhere to be found (Of fucking course) Nor was the truck at the home. I had two choices: Go to her house and pound on the door like a fucking lunatic that he more than likely made me out to be, or … wait, until, his return.

      I waited.

      He knows.

      While he was in his workshop (the bottom floor of four) I visited him. He has that stupid ass grin on his face, like, I don’t even know how to describe, but one that lets me, his wife, know he is fucking guilty. I walked outside to check whether or not her H was still home,, and no… He was not. looked down to house and said “Oh Fuck” and walked out of the room. I could see on his face. He knew. He knew that I know.

      I left the house. Took my dog for a walk. I walked for an hour. I knew he was “scared” I knew he knows I knew for sure.

      On that walk of mine, I came to a decision: Until he can be honest reveal ALL of his cheats, we (he) and are are finished. Yes, right in the middle of a growing company.

      Our company is a million
      dollar company. He. my H, he will brag about how much he thinks he is wroth.


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