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No drinking and posting

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No drinking and posting
There is an entry I submitted a while ago, fessing up to drinking and posting.  I shared that after 51 years of living, I started to take up drinking. Yes/or No, depending on how you view it, I’ve not been a drinker. Wasn’t interested, hated it, in fact, despised “it”, why? It had nothing to compare drinking , but my past (boyfriends) and at one time, present. It was all ugly, violent and taxing. Mostly taxing I must admit.

Have you ever been around a drunk person when you were not? Trust me, it will drain the life from you.

In case you “newbies” are wondering WTH  I am “talking” about, look for the particular post. The post when I speak of getting hammered and….. posting.

Yes, I am one of them.

I shared there is a blog I frequent, the number one rule is DO NOT POST IF YOU’VE BEEN DRINKING.

Thus, the removed posts.

You see, my dear friends (and thank you for emailing, ensuring my safety of mind and physically as well) I hold the thoughts and feelings in, only to post late in the evening, when everyone has gone to bed, sleeping safely and comfortably in their bed. My readers, feeling completely in control of their lives. My readers, the ones who “get it.”

Okay, Newlease you ask, WTH is your point? Why thank you for asking.

My point is that there is so much more behind the scenes, and the “mostly” occurs in my mind. You know, those conversations you pretend to be having with that person who has pushed you beyond your limit. Could be your mother, instructor, manager, or, yes, your significant other.

In your mind, you begin with a confrontation, and it ends in a massive blowout, with you (me) standing on the soapbox, delivering a grand speech.

Well, I am here to tell you that yes, it is true, I write a long tirade about my life and the people ( My H) and their cohorts (other women) who complicate or, eff up your or somebodies life.

You see, I can’t wrap my brain around the “women” who settle for being the OW; where the hell is “sisterhood”? My Gosh, women are fighting for being treated like an equal in the workplace. They are insisting they can go as far as,\…. do as much as….the men. And, what do they do? Spread their legs for the first man who whines about their wife. He cries that she doesn’t cook, clean, doesn’t give sex any longer.

“Boo effing Hoo, my wife won’t give me what I think I deserve.”

She falls for it, vows to give him the best sex .ever. And then? Then what?

He goes back to his wife, the one who Carried, yes, CARRIED him through the ego crush he was served from his employer. She, wifey, carried him through his most insecure times, telling him what a man he is, ooooo ahhhh through those sex filled minutes. Only to find out that a younger woman skank, has promised to SEX.IT.UP. for him. Trust me, sista girl, he is the one who is a slob.




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