Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

You don’t know

YOU will NEVER know the pain you cause because you will NEVER stick around to find out. YOU will always believe that you’ve done your best because compared to who you are, what you’ve been through and what you’ve done…. THIS IS your best.


When I said I feel sad for you, we laughed, but  I meant it because you have been raised to not know. You don’t know the havoc you create, or the chaos you’ve created because your family has ALWAYS covered your ass.

It happens to be funny stories to tell when circled the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve Dinner, everyone laughs, including us, but we know,  the sad truth, you can’t be real, you can’t be true. it just might be impossible to love, because you’ve been cheated, your innocence was taken away, by an adult, one who knows better, one who given in a position of trust, and yet, took advantage of that position.


When is that excuse no longer okay to use?


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