Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

I know what you know

Flower other woman

One of the “original” women that I became suspicious of, hanging out with banging my H, has come back into our lives. She was gone for a while, but apparently has taken a new job, with a new vendor, and she wants our business.

I never confronted her personally but did my husband and I can be quite sure he passed the message on.

I decided to slowly befriend her more so than polite hellos, I mean, why not? She bagged my H, I should know what he’s bringing home. Or brought home, right? ( I think they are over but who knows)

Yesterday, she “stopped by” with new material and we chatted about my shoes and how I “always have such cute shoes”, per her. She then went into my husbands’ office we share a door between his and mine; Oh,  such fun, they chatted and laughed about nothing and everything, keeping sure that she stood in the doorway so that I could see and hear. She then, AGAIN, loudly mentioned that she has driven through the little town our vacation home resides, but never really looked around.

NOBODY, drives through the town in which we vacation. NOBODY. In fact, you would miss it if you sneezed while passing. Also, our little vacation home is Five hours away from our current location, and where she was going when she “drove through” is about Eight hours away.

I knew she was lying since about four months ago when she first came back into the picture she asked me if I’ve been going to our house, “where is it again? I’ve never even heard of it before”.  Again, I knew this lie already and had it filed. (Because, poor liar forgot that she told me prior: she “Drove through” our little town.

Have I confused you? It goes like this: Drove through, Never heard of, Drove through. As my husband has always preached (ironically enough) Liars forget their lies, that’s where they give themselves away.

But, suddenly, and I mean all of a sudden from nowhere, it hit me like a punch to the gut: SHE IS LYING, she is covering my H and Her ass, she thinks she is being sneaky but reiterating that she doesn’t know… BULL SH*T. It hit me bad, it hit me HARD.  I became enraged.

After she was gone, about an hour, I texted her to see if she would stop by, not now, it’s too busy, but later. She waited about five minutes to respond, I know she opened immediately because that little read readmessage appeared.

I imagined her to be texting my husband or calling to ask what he might think it’s about.  Now, because I mentioned the drive through act to my husband when she left, I’m pretty sure he told her. “You overdid it you dumb ass, you blew us up” he probably didn’t say it like that( hehe).

She responded yes, she would drop by and  I told her I’d text when it’s good and she kept asking what it was about.

Strangely enough, my H hung out a bit longer than usual. He arrives at 4 am, it’s now 415 pm, whatever is he staying for, I wondered. (Sarcastically said) I texted her just that: “so strange, H is still here, we might need to reschedule.

Blah blah blah, we exchanged niceties and she again asked, what this is about

Her: I’m not sleeping with your man or anyone else’s if that’s what your thinking”

Me: That emoji with the eyes wide open that looks like WTH?!   wth real

“Friday”, I said, “what about lunch Friday?

“Good,” She said and asked again what this will be about. I replied that I wanted to “have a heart to heart, That’s all.”

I let the silence hang, and it stayed there.

Oh, and about 45 minutes later, I accidentally texted her instead of my friend (yeah right)

“He never should have said I don’t have balls because Oh, by the way, only one answered back”

When she immediately texted back ???????

I texted back 

“Oopsie  meant for a friend.”

I know that I know she is sitting in her own crap right now because she knows that if this gets out, her job is G.O.N.E.

I have a heart, I would never want that, she is a single mom. However, I’m not going to let her know that part. I’m just going to mention that I know the truth when it’s in my face and if she doesn’t give me the details I need, I’m going to splatter all over the place the information I have. Facebook, Instagram, The newspaper, whatever I would need to bring her down, I’ll do, unless she cooperates.

So, my friends, if you have better ideas, I would love to hear them.

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