Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

With this ring

For our 20th wedding anniversary, we decided to do something not many were doing at the time, and that is get ring tattoos. Is was a pretty big deal because my husband hates tattoos. This fact puzzles me because this guy lived an outrageous life well into his early 30’s. One of those “you’ll never change me ” guys that lives and thrives so that he could shock people with his antics. Me, I love tattoos. It’s probably a good thing as he as the ability to cause me to stop and think things through. I would be the one with a tattoo that I would think later, maybe not such a good idea. I would– have a giant one of


across my back, down my leg or something ridiculous.

Back to us; my H made this sweet gesture that we could have our wedding ring finger tattooed. He was quite careless with his wedding ring, he works in construction, and would forget to remove the ring, arrive at the job remove the ring, place it in his pocket or where ever. I personally believe if it meant anything he would have been more careful but, I’m a woman and that an emotional conclusion, so says he.

I was terrified when it came time and not because of anticipated pain. I felt uneasy; it was more commitment than marriage for me, yeah it was strange. However, I now have come to believe that wedding ring tattoos are a curse. I don’t say that lightly, and I don’t believe in a curse, per se, but I think it does something to a person on the deep, and they, he or she, suddenly feel trapped more so than they before might have felt.


It could simply be a turn on for the opposite sex, a desire to lure the animal away from the current meal.


The WS was always a cheat, and it’s more apparent now than ever before.

I would still wear my original, physical ring on my finger, over the tattoo it just felt right. For the last four years, nearly five, that is how it’s was until three weeks ago, maybe more, I took it off as I do, to clean house. We were at our vacation home and he pulled one of his “I forget to buy this at the store, Oh no, we need that at the store.” Remember, his excuses worked for a while when I wasn’t paying attention.  So, again, he did the “I forgot something”, I waited for him to walk out the door and said: “Wait, I’ll go with you”! What now? He could not back out at this point, we got in the truck, and I’ll be damned, he forgot his list inside the house.

I’m sure he called or texted while collecting his list, to let her know, it ain’t gonna happen, baby, Red Alert, we gotta find another plan.

Upon arriving home from the store and no more than four minutes, he decided the ATV needed to be started and rode, so it continues to run smoothly when needed.

I haven’t put my ring back on since then. It doesn’t feel sincere, it feels like a lie. Why should he benefit from whatever it is he is doing, by me proclaiming with Two rings on my finger, that I belong to him?


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