Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Dear Her, She, OW

Dear Other Woman/Women, people_waiting_in_line_fan2034625

There have been many letters written to you, her, and she –  many. We, the BS pour our hearts and feelings out; You and your group of single, sexy, friends laugh at the words, delight at the words we so nakedly proclaim, oh-so-funny. You pretend not to care, act as if you are free and open-minded, free loving, no limits, with no condition, no rules, come as you are- a crazy, non-suppressive, uncommitted, all you want sex. You offer all of this for MY (all scorned women) husband.

Guess what, Ms. Twenty Four, or even,  Thirty-Five year old? We old frumpy, “sex-hating”, has been Forty-Five – Fifty-year-old women, we missionary style only, disgusted and to show our nakedness, we prudes, the ones who “refuse” to fuck our husbands, we were once your age. We know. We know so much that we gently laugh at you dumb-ass(es),  the young, single, desperate women (who will take our husband) because you hate being single. We, many of us, DO fuck our husband and not just missionary style, we like and LOVE sex, we show our nakedness, we are NOT prudes, and we enjoy sex also, that is if he allows us to participate. (Code for last more than 2.5 minutes)

WHY? How do we know? facedown-waiting

WE WERE YOU! Imagine…. we know- we know how to fake a wild, out of control orgasm just the same as you know. Best of all… we know you do (fake) and why? Because you no longer want to be single.


You are more than willing to take our balding, pot-bellied, overtired, greying, yellow-toothed husband; why are you willing to take our husband? Because you no longer want to be single.  AGAIN, how do we know? Because WE.WERE.ONCE.YOU.

We loved him through his depression. We loved him through the passed over promotion. We loved him through the “oh my God, do we have enough money this month” stressful times. We helped to mold him (like he did us) who he is today.

So, when you listen to his sad stories, the one that speaks of his sexless marriage, the one that speaks of his being ignored because of the children (HIS children) when you listen to his: ” my wife doesn’t understand me”, woe is my story, just know… We do, we listen, we care, we try. Some of us have listened and understood so much that we have encouraged him to have his time, have his weekends. Go— Go golf, fish, play– do what you need. I will continue to love and nurture both you and the children.

So, Dear Her, She, OW and Understanding Lover,

Because We know,  We know– and we can not understand– where is the “sisterhood”? Where is the” I stand for my un-known sister who is taking care of this man who needs to be the center of attention”, so much that he will turn on the woman who helped him along through the uncomfortable, ball busting, insecure years of his life?

Go ahead, take him, feed his ego.

*Warning* He is a man, his eyes and thoughts WILL wander. He looks at other women, believes he deserves more, he has potential to resent his own children because they take time and attention away.  AND – he  WILL leave his socks on the floor, underwear in his levis, and has the assumption that he can cook, much better than you can.

But, most of all, Dear He, She, OW and understanding Lover,

He can be sweet, loving and will melt if you cry. He once loved the Lord, and I  know he will again.broken heart He is insecure, needs affirmation, many times over again, some days more than others. He know’s if you are sincere or blowing smoke. He wants for you to dote on him love him desperately, he wants to be the center of your world.

Dear Her, She, OW and Understanding Lover,

Please, treat him with love, compassion and all the attention you gladly gave to him in the beginning.  He needs it, almost requires it to live. If you don’t, he WILL find someone to replace you.






2 thoughts on “Dear Her, She, OW”

  1. Wow! You nailed it!
    Let all the OW read this.

    But, of course they won’t, as they want to believe that the married men they are doing have a sexless marriage and a nagging wife and only stay for the children.
    They want to believe that they look better and are better in bed…and are Oh so funny and interesting.

    Close scrutiny of all these delusions show that more often than not, they are in every single way, falling short. They are, however masters of manipulation lack morals, are selfish and of course, vulgar.

    Too bad that these dumb older married men are as delusional as the amoral OW…and there is the recipe for pain.


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