Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

December 07, 2017 How Long Has It Been?

I’m not sure how long it’s been since we, I’ve touched base with you. But, since i tend to be “wordy” I’m going straight to “it” to update a bit.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned affairs, I know I’ve mentioned drinking, geeze, who knows and I’m not going through the last post, it will just depress me (even more). As you have gathered, I’m sure, I tend to be a depressed person. However, I think, because I’ve lived with “it” most my life, I think I’m darn good at faking.

So, straight to it, I’ve figured out that my husband (currently?) has been having an affair with the woman who lives behind us, our vacation home. I. WAS. SHOCKED!! when I found out who. broken-vows

How did I find out who? God, yes God. I will probably detail later. My husband took a last minute bogus trip out of state, one I should have been on. throughout some strange happenings, and because I was and still am, hyper-sensative to every move he makes, I prayed with all I have to ask God to please, reveal, expose, have my husband somehow mis-speak, to give details away. AND MY HUSBAND DID!!!

When speaking on the phone with my husband, as he explained the hotel room he mentioned he was on the second floorie. Yes, floorie.  i don’t think he realized what he said, but of course, I did.

After immediately investigating I found that Lori lives directly behind our vacation home. The one we should be retiring in, when we’ve finally reached our right of passage. It all fell into place. All those times I gps(D) him, yeppppp I found the who, what, and of course, because I’m a “snoop” in his opinion, I know most details.

This was about three months ago. Because I am such a coward, I held off on the pretense that I was waiting for more concrete evidence. I have the fricken evidence. Did I tell you about the time he went “fishing” and I walked past the home in which she and her husband YES HUSBAND live and I heard him screaming like a little girl? I was much too drunk to act; and, again, I’m a fricken coward. I went home and destroyed our home, destroyed. 

People, I do not judge, I don’t care what you weigh, how you dress, where you live, so on, so forth. I will say that she crossed my mind, but when I saw her I thought “no way, no way he would hook up with her. 

I’ve been wrong. Oh, so darn wrong.

I will do my best to update as we go, including the details, for now, I just want to get re-acquainted and touch base. Let you know I’m here, hopefully, I’m back, and oh, the stories I have.

Yes, unfortunately, we are still together. I say unfortunately because I am a coward who is still waiting for concrete evidence. Caught you in bed, AH HA! evidence.  No longer, however, I hope to have some hold me accountable. You’ll know why soon.

Now, I’m sorry to say I’m the drunk,

hidden alcoholI know, In my 53 years of life, I’ve had a drink maybe once a year since 24. Now, it is nightly, I just can hardly do this anymore. Do the lies, cheating, lies and lies.

Between you and me, since I know who she is, I call and leave her voicemails at work (I don’t have her cell) and I semi harass her. I threaten to tell her husband if she doesn’t give me all the info I need. She has been married two, TWO!!!! months now. She all along while screwing my husband, while engaged, has been “vodie oh doeing” my husband. HE, my husband, is taking part in ruining another marriage, other than ours. My Gosh, I just can’t wrap my brain around all this BS.

So, this is where I am, a fifty-plus woman who harrasses a 40-plus woman by leaving voice mails. I can’t even do it to “her face.” What a loser I am!

I am praying this is it, the last of it all. We are supposed to go to our vacation home this weekend. I am praying that if they have a “visit” I will call out and walk out. End of story, End of marriage. Who the hell cares what time of year it is, I’m out ( I hope) By the way, I’ve also tried texting her husband to tell him details but he is less than helpful, he doesn’t believe me.  I just can’t bring myself to tell him who I am. I mean, we are not at our home 24/7 what will he do if he know’s who it is, our home is left unattended. Understand ?

Yes, I’ve confronted and asked my husband as well. He calls me crazy, of course, he gives me the WS script.

So, I will appreciate your prayers and good wishes. Your advice wouldn’t hurt either. 









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