Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Dear Thing Two,

I am writing this against the advice of a few of my friends, they are of opinion it will simply give you satisfaction, in addition to a sense of empowerment, they think it will make this nasty affair more exciting for you, and your boyfriend, that is, once you tell him.

I don’t think it matters much anymore to me how either of you feels because people like the both of you, you’re, selfish, self-entitled, and really, you don’t have the “shame gene”, it’s all about getting what you want, now and not later. I have known your boyfriend for many years, I know how he thinks and operates. If you were not the “person” he was screwing I would imagine it would be somebody else. I would bet the same is for you as well. If not for my husband you would have somebody else’s cock up your ass just the same.

So, what is this letter about? Well, I can’t seem to leave a message I’ve so much to say and it gives you and your boyfriend a false sense of security…….. apparently, he has passed a message on to you that his wife has. no. balls. Figuratively speaking, I hope you know.

I’m not the type of woman who thinks her spouse is innocent, I know you did not seduce a poor, helpless man. Although people who think with their parts, seem to me like animals, it’s as if you can’t stop yourselves. I say this because of the fact that each of you has allowed one another into your very, own homes, it’s about the most disgusting thing I can think anyone can do.

I feel so sorry for your newly, married husband. Just weeks, maybe days before marrying him, you were fucking my husband. In your home, probably in your bed. And, just days is it before or after (?) becoming engaged.. you were fucking my husband, in my home.

Oh, yes, my dear. You think I didn’t know that when my husband arrived at my home earlier than I that you were fucking him in my home, you ran out the back when I arrived. Yes, my dear, trail cameras, they pick up EVERYTHING. Even a fat ass running out the door.

I’ve relished this bit of information for quite some time now, what has it been a year… no a year plus. And, guess who will be getting this information soon?

I want to guarantee to you that I WILL pass this information on, I am waiting for the perfect time (for my benefit). The arguments that your boyfriend and I have had have nearly broken me, I must say. The actions that each of you have taken will affect so many people, more than your newly married husband and your boyfriends’ wife. (Remember, that would be me)

So,unless you plan to run away with my husband into the wonderful sunset,and you don’t care about your current, newly married husband, I would suggest you start thinking up some reasons why you would be seen leaving out the back of my home at such a late time, when your poor then live-in boyfriend, was probably out working, trusting his sweet, timid, loving and faithful, live-in girlfriend. His “Sweets”.


So, as this letter comes to its sad end, trust me, it’s not the end. I am not sure how long I will allow this to play out, I’ve got some time left before I absolutely must make a move. Physically and figurately.  I’m pretty sure that you and my Husband won’t be able to stay away from each other too long, since no matter how much fighting my Husband and I have done, and you’re so newly married and you each  still, continue to fuck one another while hurting the two people who are trying to stay true to the pair of you.

Each lame excuse the two of you create to meet up be it at the grocery store, around the corner at friends home, waterhole or there off river/upper soda, where he thinks I believe he likes to check out the fisherman, I know. I know so much more than your boyfriend thinks I know.

Do me a favor, honey, will you? Tell your boyfriend ( My husband) that I have been watching and listening sooooo much longer than he knows. Yes, since the very beginning. So, all those days/nights there on Wells Ave, when I was home, running the business…. all those days when I was running the business, paying attention to the kids like HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN, I know when he was hanging at your house, “having a beer with B(your then live-in) Yeah, I know. I saw I heard.

So, pass this message on the next time the two of you speak or text.

Oh— one more thing…. have you ever heard of the software  “Wireshark” ?  You might want to look it up, you know.. google.  It is a program that can intercept texts, images, and videos. Yeah, so those cute little, nasty videos you like to send, the sexy little horny girl that you are??? LOL can’t wait for your newly married husband get’s a glimpse of what you like to share with others.

Be well, Dear girl looks as if it’s going to be over for you and your newly married pretty soon.

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