Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Which do I post? The Note to Thing One or note to Thing Two? The pain and anger, they are the same. The only thing I no longer feel (at this time at least) is the humiliation.

That, I feel for about two or three minutes, I then remember that by touching base with most (of you)  to let ya’ll  know, I am very aware of who you are and that I KNOW.

Know what?

Those other women are indeed desperate. Desperate enough to open legs for a married man. Desperate enough to hope and pray the married man they are pretending to be crazy over truly is, in a miserable, sexless and bitter marriage. Desperate enough to convince their own self and heart nobody will be hurt, nobody will leave bruised and weak. In the end, you (the OP/AP whatever) are taking the hit so that e-v-e-r-y-one will be able to “Carry On”


Of course, I am Sarcastic. Nobody,  Nobody but the BS is taking the hit. Nobody but the BS is Overlooked. Nobody but the BS feels pain and humiliation. You, you are providing a favor for the BS, you are allowing her to have the freedom and opportunity to be loved; to be loved by somebody who will …. well, somebody who will love her, somebody who will be faithful.

You don’t know, OP, you don’t know that you are the typical OW. You are the OW who deep down, way down in her heart is fearful, fearful and hopeful that you’ve found happiness, finally. Deep down you are hoping that his friends will now be yours without thought or suspicion. You are hoping that life (his and your new) will carry on without a glitch. You will step into her shoes yet, remain in your own life. You hope nobody will consider you a desperate whore because you’re probably are not.

As much as the BS desires for you to be a whore she, the BS probably knows that you are just that, Desperate. Feeling old and lonely. Fearful enough to take a deep breath and settle for a taken man.

It is all fun and games until the holidays. You feel special and sexy, hot and desirable until the holidays. Christmas Eve, you wait for the phone call, the call that confirms (to) you how he misses you and so badly wants to be with you, make love to you, ravish you and be with you. You are fulfilled and delighted while you speak on the phone or maybe he will even meet for a quickie. He then leaves, again, to be with the wife, the “sexless, bitchy, unhappy and nagging wife”.  As far as you know he is miserably sitting in the midst of “her” family, wishing he were with you. BUT,  you know, deep down you know… He is laughing, eating and drinking, carrying on the traditions with his wife and her family. You know that he is without a thought (to you) enjoying this holiday, feeling safe for the moment, he has touched bases with you, the OW, satisfied you for the moment until the next time.


Merry Christmas, Other Woman. Merry Christmas.

It is with his family he spends the important times with, memorable times.

And, OW, while you cry, feel jealous and shamed know this…

So does the BS, She feels the same. She knows, she is aware… the trip to the market, the trip to pick up the forgotten, hidden gift left at the office… She (I) is very aware that gift, the forgotten gift left at the office, the one he left to retrive…. The gift is truly just a phone call to you.


Merry Christmas, Other Woman and Betrayed Spouse, Merry Christmas.

And to all… A Good….

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