Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

The Whens and Hows and a whole lot more


WHO – Who else knew/knows, who else has helped to keep the secret; lied to my face, looked in my eyes and acted as if we are a genuine couple, a couple that has made the marriage last longer than most, these days.  cutting-hurting

WHAT – What made you believe it was worth the risk of family, not just me, the BS, but the family, kids, in-laws, and friends?  What was the thought process the first time, the first meeting, the first kiss, the first romp? What was the thinking the first time you came into the office or home after saw me after touching, kissing, and cheating?

WHERE– Where did these encounters take place, when not in my home or hers? Where did you slip away to call her? Where did you hide your other phone or your other form of communication since you insist never has been a mobile phone?

WHEN – The first time, When? When did you decide to cross the line? When was it that you concluded it would not matter if your wife would be broken, shattered until who knows when? When did you decide it was worth the risk? When did you choose this marriage wasn’t worth fighting?

WHY- Why, why couldn’t you come to me if you were so unhappy? Why wouldn’t you follow through with the promises made to one another, why would you allow yourself to be the person we swore never would become?

HOW – How could you?

And, the question I so desperately need to be answered: Who will you go to when I find what I need; What will I do when I find what I need? Where will I go when I find what I need; Why do I wait to find what I need?

HOW could you?




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