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New Year – Same Lie


Dear Readers,

Please tell me what you think of the following letters I plan to send within the next week or so. Read and give me, if you will, your thoughts.


Dear OW Two,

Enclosed you will find a letter that your newly, married husband will receive at the same time you receive this, if not a day or two later. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to expose the both of you to your husband news like this is NEVER easy to deliver. Also, we all know what happens to the messenger. Imagine hearing the person you trusted absolutely, is not only a cheater but a liar.

For people like you and the other cheater, it’s not easy to explain. Cheating/ failure to remain faithful is quite painful. Especially to the person who is remaining faithful to you, the cheater.

So that you understand about yourself and my H:
noun: narcissism
excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
synonyms: vanity, self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption, self-obsession, conceit, self-centeredness, self-regard, egotism, egoism

I’ve given you several chances, via voice mail to quit screwing my H. I even had the opportunity to speak to you directly, only for you to hang up on me, walk out of your place of work and fuck my husband, all within 30-45 minutes. I’m not quite sure what he has that not only keeps you coming back, but causes you to risk a marriage with a man that apparently is pretty crazy about you.  Men such as he are so hard to come by, and here you’ve gone and ruined him.

It has occurred to me while writing this, perhaps you and your current, newly, married husband have an agreement, an open marriage, hell, if that is so….. shame on me. Just so you know, I DON’T have an open marriage and will never agree to one.

Both you and my husband, I hear, find it quite funny, the voicemails I’ve left for you. Apparently, you each are under the impression that I am full of B.S. I have no balls (physically true) I won’t follow through.  I told you in the very beginning I would blow this open if you continued AND if you continued lying to your husband. Now look what you’ve done, I have to be the one to tell him now.

You know why I’ve kept this secret for so long, you know all the people involved in both parties lives will be strained if not ruined. It is your fault and My Husbands fault. The OM can be kept a secret if you desire, it’s up to you. However, it very well could be revealed when it’s discovered a couple is divorcing.

Carry on with your work, Dear Girl, carry on.  I’m sure I will know you’ve read this letter because my H will be busting through the door shortly after.

Happy New Year


Dear Betrayed H,

It with fear and sadness that I write this letter to you, your wife should have received her own at her place of business.  She has a copy of what I am sending you, although I greatly debated whether or not it was a good idea to do so, in fact, I was encouraged NOT to send her a letter because it would give her time to come up with more excuses and lies.


There really is no other way to deliver this than to just come out and say that your wife and my H are having an affair. I thought it ended some time ago so I kept the news back, I didn’t want to ruin a new marriage. However, when I kept receiving texts from an unknown/anonymous sender, I decided I should probably be more aware.

I had my H followed and watched (He travels extensively) and sure enough. I am guessing the reason it was able to get by me for so long because of the traveling. Unfortunately, about the time you and your wife married, their texting picked up, daily, hourly, every few minutes. My H has another phone that I still can’t find, but I know it exists. I’ve heard it and seen it on Network, but there is no assigned name for it.  Anyway, this news came as shocking and heartbreaking to me, when it picked back up again.

I am trying to stop it (for your sake) before it grows as strong as it was the middle of 2017. From roughly May – August , I believe they were non stop in touch. My H quit traveling so much, but now it is picking back up again.

As for me, I will more than likely be leaving our 30- year marriage, torn apart by self-centeredness and greed, I would suppose.

I remain anonymous because truthfully, I detest confrontation, and fear the results of your broken heart. I don’t enjoy this one bit and held off to pass the holidays. As I shared with your wife, it could be possible that you have an open marriage and if you do, shame on me.

I left your wife several voicemails at her place of work, encouraging her to confess to you because I believe with confession comes the hope of forgiveness.


I am sorry to deliver this news to you. I’ve come to a place that I’ve grown tired and quite ill watching these two cheaters get away with having great spouses while being horrible mates.

I wish you all the luck and strength needed to carry on through this painful news. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get over the shock and your emotions will range from denial, rage, depressed, to denial again. They will loop themselves over and over again. Don’t be like me and believe the excuses and lies, remember this: “Cheaters Lie”.

This is not because of you and she might try to tell you it is your fault. Do Not believe this lie either.  I’ve found this website helpful, they have a wonderful group of people that are sincere and will help you if you allow. Or, you can just come to read.






3 thoughts on “New Year – Same Lie”

  1. Have you been to chumplady? You are focused on trying to end an affair between a man who doesn’t respect you enough to tell you the truth and some tart. Ruining her marriage is revenge, not this letter isn’t for this guys best interest, although it will be. But blaming her and saying you threatened her means this isn’t about his wellbeing. Only saying this with love but you’re focusing on trying to fix your marriage by getting husband away from a woman…. but does the woman even matter? Is there anything to work with? He is screwing around with at least one person, he knows you’re on to him he thinks you’re an idiot, and he doesn’t care. That’s not love. That’s actually vile. He sounds terrible. Please go read some chumplady.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and yes, I know just having some fun. My H is hands down more responsible for this mess. Just blogging all the thoughts that betrayal brings for spouse, lover and other woman. Just smartly playing my cards. A few months and I’m all set. 😉

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