Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

My Name is Lori

My Name is Lori

I am a Whore(ie)

I love to fuck your man

Just because I can

I might be somewhat fat

Yet imagine that

He so loves it in my ass

(Does that sound crass?)

He will scream and yell

Oh, I love to tell.

Please don’t judge me

I’m just Lori


I like to take your man

Just because I can

I love it up my assLorie whorie use

Just imagine that

I love to hear him cum

We have so much fun

Yes, I’m newlywed

But I will still give head

To the husband that is not mine

I’ll do it anytime

Yet, I’ll keep my pride

Yes, I’m a new bride (but)

I can still  take your man

and will because I can.

I never had much luck

with high school fucks

so now I’m up in years

I’ll take yours, despite the tears

That I cause my groom

Just know, there is still more room

for the guy who married me

his wife, Lori

Who will take your man

Just because I can


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