Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

I’m nearly sure it happened again,  I mean WTF, just WTF.

We arrived at our vacation home the day before. I sat at the table working, closing at the books for OUR business.  I knew it was coming because he is so predictable, “they” are so predictable.

I know, he knows, she knows and we all know that her place of work is in located in the same area, lot as the small town grocery market. It took me three years to figure it all out. I knew it was someone but honestly, I NEVER would have considered HER to be the OW. She lives directly behind our home. I went to SPOKEO, looked up every single person that lives behind us, saw her pic and thought “hell to the no” there is NO WAY, he would go for her.  You see, when I was able to GPS him (before he discovered my tricks) I saw him hanging out at her home for hours at a time, on the weekends he would need to go ahead or without me.

Anyway, I knew before we left this would happen. Three months ago, I would have insisted to go with him, this time I came to the realization, they would find a time somehow, somewhere.  So, I let him go.

When he walked out the door, I called her. I asked for her, and when I reached her desk she announced her name:

I just wanted to let you know that your boyfriend is on his way. He forgot his phone, will you please have him call me when he gets there? I need him to bring something else home/

Silence “I’m sorry?”  she asks.

Before I could repeat or respond, she hangs up.

I hang up, walk outside to smoke a cigarette and say or do nothing.

He is gone an hour. I get back to work.

He walks in, I’m on the phone with my receptionist walking her through a challenge she is having.

He has a bouquet of flowers and as I talk, he cuts stems, finds a vase and places them on the counter.

I stand up while saying good-bye and turning the phone off.

“How nice, thank you, I say”.

He responds:

“I went to see my gf at work, and picked these up for her” Looks at me sheepishly. “Just kidding, you’re my gf and you’re working.”

I knew he knew, he knew I know… and guess what? I’m sure they each got a chuckle.

What the two of them do not understand is that this ball-less chick has had her balls delivered. I’m playing cool, I’m back to playing naive. But, I’m playing.  Four more months… just four months. I can’t wait to share with you all where I am then, and wht I have.





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