Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Dearest Dear,

Dearest H,

What wonderful news I have (for me) what wonderful news.

As I watch you pull inward I believe I know what you are thinking about, of course, I cannot be entirely sure… however, I can speculate. It seems a bit suspect that it happens at the same time that I confront one of those W that I think might somewhat belong WITH you. ( Notice not to)


I don’t really know the purpose of your affair, makes no sense to me. Mostly because she was not yet married for two of the years that  I know of, that you were together. Why not leave me and move on?

To boot: Not only do the two of you go like mad leading up to her marriage, but after, she waits (tries?) to hold off for a month, or so, after getting married. Only to pick it right back up. AGAIN.

I don’t get it.


Emotional Affairs.

Physical Affairs.

Any kind of Affair(s)


When I finally got her on the phone, Live, at least, she asked me to call back in 45 min. When I called back in “45 min”, she asked for another 45.  tick tock I, stunned , responded if  she knew who I was, she replied “no, that is why I would love to talk” gave me a phone number and again, she stated she had NO idea who I was. She giggled , at least from what I remember she giggled, she then said that she was  looking forward to finding out who you ( the W Husband in question are.)


I’ve not called back, no way will I hand (back) over any type of control. Next, she will ask me to come to HER home, sit on HER sofa so that we can talk about this weird accusation that SHE/HER/SHE  IS having an affair with MY old, wanna be (young) big thing  (shh) Husband.

BTW, readers, I KNOW SHE  They IS  are were once HAVING AN A WITH MY H. Yes indeed.

Shhhhhh, Be clear, This is NOT a squeeze out, hold feet to fire kind of post.


I DO NOT, think I am blackmailing, bribing, insisting……


He might feel a little irritated about this, sad, distasteful, statement.

BUT, the end game:






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