Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Just thinking, what if

I want to be clear that I am not trying to threaten, I  wish no harm. In addition, I mean what  I say. I just want answers and there are two who can give answers. One refuses, the other is her, the OW .

The last thing I want to do is to contact your Dear Husband. I’m sure he loves you very much and would be devasted to know what you have been and are continuing to do. I’m ashamed of my husband not only for ruining his own marriage but potentially destroying the marriage of another. I am sick that in his selfishness he has trampled the heart of another man, one that he does not even know. His wife? Pfft, he surely will have a reason. 

Cross in heart2

When a person, male or female want to have an affair, they will have an affair. I am in great shape, you would never guess my age, and I am a kind and loving woman. I am not saying that NOT being any of these things would be a reason for an affair, I am saying this because I try, I work hard to stay healthy, and somewhat decent looking for myself and my husband. I want for him to be proud of me, happy that he chose me.

 I think People that “wander” outside their marriage tend to be on the selfish side, so I suppose this should not come as a surprise ( His decision to Affair). However, to ruin another marriage honestly shocks me. In other words, chasing after a busty, hot looking, younger, and single chic? So classic, …. just so classic. A live-in with lover, now, newly married woman, 40 pounds larger than I,  naturally BEAUTIFUL,  woman…. MARRIED, woman, MARRIED younger woman, MARRIED, taken woman???!!!  I am saddened.

My husband is a Christian, has he shared this fact with her? He also is a “Promise Keeper” (Look it up). As a “Promise Keeper” he was to be in a place that would keep him accountable. He was to hang with a group of men that are stronger and more grounded than he. For a while, he did, and then slipped away. I watched as the group of men that he was “accountable” to let him go, mostly relieved I think.

My husband has a large, personality. Gigantic! Many find him annoying. Conversely many find him honest, genuinely, painfully honest. My thoughts are that these Christian men discovered their little support group quiet, and light, no real problems. Readers, have you figured my husband is a short man?! LOL , it’s true. 

2 thoughts on “Just thinking, what if”

  1. It’s not just selfish. It’s entitled. He honestly doesn’t think about anyone else’s wants or needs. He truly believes that he is the man he presents to the promise keepers, because…. he presents that. The fact that he also fucks another woman and is stealing your time with him, time from her husband, life and sessence… that doesn’t show up on his moral compass because he doesn’t count it as real. He is a fraud. He thinks believing is seeing- only what he presents to the world is what he is. As for hurting her spouse? His justification is probably somewhere in the ballpark of ‘if he was doing it right, she wouldn’t have been looking’ …. but of course, that’s not the same for you- you’re his wife and enough as a wife, he is just more of a man than you can handle. It’s sick. All the justification and garbage is just lies to everyone. Himself, herself, the spouses, the world. It has nothing to do with your looks or behaviour or attributes… you’re enough. You’re amazing. He’s a fool and an empty vapid thing. That’s the answer. He does it because he’s empty. There’s no filling or fullfilling.

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