Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/


Dear You,


I am sorry, I am sorry I allowed you to feel comfortable in your lies. I have come to find (a long time ago, really) that you, all of your life have been covered, taken care of, given permission, to … not be true.

You know all those things you say about NFL, NBA, MLB players… they are catered to, made to look as if they do no wrong, thus, covering their ass(es) giving them goods, things, and money so that they (the buyers) will succeed, be chosen.


Well, I now have come to understand this ^^^^^^ this statement above^^^^^^, spoken so many times by you, IS you.


I’m sorry.


Because, here you are, at your age, living life as if rules don’t matter to you because, well they just don’t.  You, yes YOU have lived your life convincing people and yourself that you are some sort of freak of nature that does not lie, cheat, still, AND, you are this magnificent freak of nature that somehow always comes out AHEAD.


We’ve been married 25 years, together 28, and for the first time, two years ago, I heard “THE story.”

You were in High School, apparently, some big star football player, of course, oh-so-popular…. Parents, out of town, party, your house. I’m not sure what you did at this party but it involved many cheerleaders and a huge mess. Because, whatever happened, you were off the team, for the rest of the year. AND, in addition/because of; something with your parents, who obviously you didn’t seem to have too much respect transpired. Obviously, Daddy was a proud Pop, pretending to discipline, while Mom, the bad guy, insisted on some sort of punishment, until:

“the ENTIRE football team” decided to take the blame, you, Mr. Football hero, you were off the hook. I don’t know what the incident was that took place, but I know that for some reason, the pattern has followed, Mommy forgives, Daddy Gloats, and you, you.are.forgiven.

Everyone and anyone seem to cover your ass. Including me, until now.

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