Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

I am NOT a whiner, am I?

I received an email from somebody calling me a whiner. WTF, I AM NOT a whiner, am I? It is NOT meant to be the meaning of my posts. I am just trying to be real, honest, pure, natural, real, in my post. If you think my posts are me, being a whiner, try climbing into my thoughts.

Let me tell you, “anonymous” emailer, I am the strongest person, physically and mentally you will ever meet. So…. So,…… uh, eff you! Yeah, eff you. ( Says this Christian woman. LOL)

You see, “anonymous” emailer, I’ve been through much more than any person reading this would ever imagine. EVER.

I, yes, me, am physically and emotionally beaten. You see, “anonymous” emailer, I began my life with migraines, physically suffering at a time in life when the physical illness was blamed on upbringing, AKA ” Your daughter is a middle child, she is searching for attention.” Imagine, three or four years of age and suffering migraines. Only later to learn that there be a PHYSICAL explanation for having migraines at an age of four, okay even three years of age.

So, because of this physical ailment, suffering such indescribable pain, not only for that age but for the present age, being passed off as attention seeking,  this chickie has grown emotionally, physically strong. Stronger than any reader or friend, family member, could ever imagine being; this author, has, unfortunately, grown so used to physical and emotional pain, that she has no idea, NONE… again, NO IDEA…. when real pain is in existence.

So, “anonymous” writer, emailer, before you go calling names and judging, either move on to another blog, one in which you will identify or understand, THINK,  Think before name calling, judging, or blaming. If, that is if, you truly were some sort of psychology major, you would know better, you would know behind every Betrayed Spouse, or Wayward Spouse, there is more than just attention seeking posters.

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