Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/


I just want to say that I’m sure you “love” me, as much as you can. There is this part of me that feels sorry for you. I know you‘ve been raised, as the rest of your siblings have been raised, that you are important, you deserve what you desire.  In some ways, it’s sad because you, as in all four of you believe those words.  I’ve come to understand that all four of you, struggle with letting go of those beliefs.  All four of you know in your heart it’s selfish, but all four of you can’t let go. You can’t let go of the thought and belief that you, all four of you, are NOT the most important being in your relationships.

However, am finished with my part in this relationship, that is, a doormat.

You, on your own, asked for a polygraph. You, on your own, believed (in my thought) there was no such thing as or believed I would sigh a breath of relief.  Surely, if he offers such a crazy thing, he must be telling the truth. However, little do you know, there is such a thing, and a support group I belong, suggests just that… a polygraph.

Little, very little, do you know, that this weak ass, is a strong ass, and she, that is me, is prepared. Very prepared.

For what? Your game(s).

So, my love, my dear, my once desire and hope, you, must now know that it, is over, it, the game you hoped I was playing with you, has come to its end.  Strange, I feel it. I feel your desperate search for the continuance.


Somebody asked me, “why would he search FB for her if they are together?” My thought was you were just checking her out like I do my daughters, friends, and family.  I now see that she has cut you off, probably because of my crazy antics…. something you can’t confront me on, but we both know. I’ve now come to realize I put the fear in her, causing her to SMH, poor you, poor, poor, you.

BUT I know now, I think I’ve figured you and her out. She won’t be able to resist you, or you, her. This weekend, the both of you will NOT be able to resist. You and she will meet up one last time, and if I have my way, it will be one last time, because, I finally will have proof of you and her, pictures and video, and you and her will have the time you desire, at least you will, because I will be living with  myself, peacefully, finally and well, thanks to you, because, unfortunate to you,  I will be living quite comfortably.

I’m sorry, I know you love me, but not enough to stay strong.

Since I believe she cut you off, for now, once the both of you have your one last time, she will go running back to her newly married H, and you will go running back to your dream home, alone,by yourself, because I will finally have left you.



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