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I apologize

Dear Friends,


I must apologize, I’ve received several e-mails regarding my last post, and apparently, I owe an apology.

The dramatic good-byes, were simply ME, displaying what I felt would look like him, saying good-bye, good-bye to his good-boy image.


You know, he is one of several who have created a “good-boy, clean and fresh” image in the Public Eye. The one who so many admire, nearly serve, because He is so good, loving and pure.


So really, those good-byes were him, saying goodbye.


Perfect Man

Loving Man

Promise Keeping

Christian Man.


Enjoy the Sunday tomorrow


Church, Super bowl, FOOD! :)\

12 thoughts on “I apologize”

  1. Hey! Saw your comments on the other blog. My prayers are with you. You won’t be able to email me on the one I sign in on. I can’t get on.

    My story started a little over 2 years ago when I began to suspect my husband of 33 yrs. was having an affair with a woman he worked with. He denied it all but the circumstantial evidence was crazy.

    He’s back at an old job and no longer works with her. I have no reason to think it’s continuing. I think he just wants me to forget about it all but she’s messed with me on FB for the last year. I still have about no trust for him although I have prayed for our marriage to be restored.

    My husband was a strong Christian man before all this. She too is supposed to be a Christian. What a joke right?

    Do you think this is continuing with your husband still? I’m so sorry!!


    1. I’m happy to hear from you, isn’t this the worst subject to bring people together? I don’t know if it’s still going on, sometimes yes, I do and sometimes No. There are times I think there might be more than one! (WTH?! Right?)

      Take the name of this forum, these people are absolutely amazing.

      Keep in touch around here 😀


  2. Oh the same thing with my H – a supposedly Godly man, admired, loved, well respected by our community but all that fell apart once his true colors were shown. It makes me sick he used God to hide behind to do his dirty work.
    Hope you have a good Sunday too!

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    1. It’s unfortunate, isn’t it, God takes so much abuse? He is used in so many different ways. As Pissed off as I get at God, for not turning my H inside out, exposing his lies, revealing the truth, I still know that the only way I can take each step I take, is BECAUSE of God.

      Yes, I am angry, NO, infuriated AT God, I feel sometimes he is covering My H ass. But at the end of the day, God is my love, I am HIS child, and I know he loves ME (YOU) and is proud of me(you) us. Don’t throw in the towel, it’s what the enemy wants.

      The Beautiful thing about God, OUR Creator, is that He knows. He knows what our H have done. He knows, and he loves us. There is a scripture ( I forget where, I will find it, I promise) that speaks about his love and the pain He feels beause of the pain we feel due to our selfish, wayward spouse(s). He, (think about it) He knows what betrayal feels like.

      I want to take this space to Thank You for sharing the most painful thing anyone of us can ever feel. You, my friend, you are a tool, being used to make those of us who are either just finding out, or just admitting that we have been scammed.

      Your H loves you, dearly. Unfortunately he used his *ick to think for him. He used his *ick to feel worthy, sexy, and wanted, by a whore. This whore has been living since the beginning of creation.

      The enemy has taken many, many, God loving, fearing, men and re-directed their path. Why? Because these men have great potential to change the way men around them think.Again, unfortunately, the enemy SEX SEX SEX won, but just for now.

      You’re a beautiful, young woman. Don’t use the opportunity you have to help women heal, to throw away to anger, depression and bitterness AKA the enemy.

      Sorry if this is preachy, I just heard an amazing message that has caused me to deliver my H, and my bitterness straight to our Creator. I’m healing and moving forward.

      I know you are too. ❤

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      1. Yes we will all get through this somehow, we have to we have no choice. Apparently it’s just gonna take a long time 🙂


      2. Yea it’s a rollercoaster ride from hell! I was positive and full of hope in the beginning but as time went on and I came to realize the truth and just how much deception goes into having an affair – It made me sick and just wasn’t sure I wanted to stay with someone like that. This is hard, so hard!


      3. I know! In the beginning I was determined to make it work and be willing to admit my faults. Now, WE ALL know, or should the choice to cheat lies only on the cheater. Period. I don’t believe that there must have been something wrong either.

        But, I did half barely a toe in the marriage when this all came about for reasons told on my other blogs.

        Anyway, my point is, I’ve gone from “This WILL work” to “Eff him, azz hole, who does he think he is?” and then to “Wow, great model for the kids”. I’m all over the board for years. Now I’m at ” You refuse to admit, I’m tired of pounding my head against the wall, lets toss this 25 year, plus marriage away, like you did for all I know years and years ago.”

        What a bunch of selfish people.


      4. Girl I get it. I’m still up and down and back and forth. I just don’t know what it will take to get better – my counselor keeps saying time is what it takes and I have grown impatient I’m tired and just want to get better. Without a confession I don’t see how u will ever heal because I’m certain that’s why I can’t heal is because he hasn’t confessed everything and my gut knows it. How can you forgive when you don’t know what to forgive


      5. Bingo! How to forgive if you don’t know everything. Even more, How to forgive if you know NOTHING. WTH is he thinking?

        There are times I pray to repeat, so that I can say that’s it, no more. Like swearing I hear a phone (another one) and he has no idea what I’m talking about. The sheets, the dinner for two dishes in the dish drainer, the walking in on texting when the phone I know about on his desk. Really, what kind of dumb ass am I?

        I kept waiting for more. More evidence. More. But, I let on and he went underground. I made the mistake number one that Betrayed Spouses make, I confronted too soon.

        Then again, there are some people that would have kicked ass at the first thought. Blah Blah Blah.

        It’s getting closer though. Closer to me walking, running out. My fuse has grown shorter.

        I’ve tried. Tried harder than needed. The arguments we’ve had over this and this man stands firm. He will not be moved, however, after his blow ups he then tells me how he would never throw these years away ….. again…. blah blah blah.

        I just keep telling him, If I’m wrong, sorry. God knows the truth. He smugly replies, “yes, He does.”

        Have fun in hell.

        Not really I really wish to have a loving marriage. It would be wonderful. Even if he confessed, I could be righteously angry and TOGETHER we could get through it.

        I’m glad for you that your H has at least confessed to you.


      6. I know I’m so grateful he confessed because look at the shape I’m in with a confession I can’t imagine how sick I would be without one. That’s why my heart aches for you and Kay with no confession- I don’t see how y’all are doing it. Just keep praying God will reveal it. I know he will.


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