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Message today at church: Sexual PURITY

Where is that laughing out loud, hysterically, tears running down the face emoji? You all know what I mean!

I’m going to blog about that this week, it will be here, in my “assigned spot” soon. But, for now… I want to say something about HB = Hysterical Bonding…


What. The Hell. !!

The best sex, we are talking uninhibited sex, and you ALL know what I’m saying because I’ve read your blogs! This is gross, exciting and insane stuff!

2 thoughts on “Message today at church: Sexual PURITY”

  1. I thought I was losing my mind when the hysterical bonding began, which actually was several weeks after DDay, unlike others that seemed to start immediately – Once it did begin, I googled to find out what the hell was going on! The first article I found was this.. and for lack of a better word, I thought it was hysterical!

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