Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

In the family

My niece just had a baby. Gosh, remember your first? You just knew that no other mother on this earth could love her child as much as you love yours. Nobody told me I was going to fall in love like this, all I wanted to do was hold her every minute of the day. I couldn’t put her down.

Three years ago my niece got married. She was married eleven months when she divorced her husband. You’ll never believe why; He was accusing her of having an affair, and he would not leave her alone about it. In fact, he was so crazy, so out of control, he called the wife of the OM and told her that his wife was having an affair with her husband.

My niece was infuriated and “embarrassed” She called my sister (her mother) and told her that she has tried, she didn’t want marriage counsel and didn’t even want individual counsel, she was done working at this marriage. Her then H had ruined their relationship with his accusations. In fact, the terrible man she was married to nearly collapsed the relationship of the man he accused her of banging.

My niece just had a baby….. guess who the daddy is?

No mention has been made of the ex-husband, except we now have more dirt about him. He was oh, abusive emotionally, he forced himself on her, all the Bull Crap that gets spouted when someone must excuse themselves from their banging another than their spouse.

The wife of that make-believe affair? They are almost legally divorced. She now has two small children, and those small children have a new baby sister.

When this first happened and my sister was telling me all these terrible things that her (now) ex-son-in-law would do while accusing her daughter, it was me. I did every single one of those “terrible things”.  Of course, I knew the truth, but what am going to say? Your daughter is a heart-breaking, cheating, NEWLYWED…… yeah, see what I mean?

She is a beautiful baby though.


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