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Hello Dear Friends

The last time I posted I was sharing about that special person I brought along “with” me to the vacation home my H and I share. My H was with me; my special person was not. If you’re not catching my drift, this person would have been on my side, looking out FOR me.

(We) Found nothing, as she stated, however, it was her thought he must have known, he seemed to be acting peculiarly. While outside, working he OFTEN glanced at her home.

If you remember, he sent me on the last minute, random run for him, which is not anything new.

Before I would willingly run that errand, feeling safe(er) that way, little did I know that it was the “woman” that lived in a house behind our house that he was, uh- err- banging.

She was one of two, which probably really means one of more, surely there must be some I have no idea exist.

So, that’s what we have for now…. NOTHING.

Love to all – check in with me, how are my readers doing?

7 thoughts on “Hello Dear Friends”

  1. I guess that’s why I am plank girl. I understand the terrible treachery, I was fast and hard committed to getting divorced when I knew and no one else knew, I was playing spy. Now I have lived alone for more than a year but I play the part of the nice wife whenever I go back ‘home’. I don’t date and am still married and haven’t started any actual paperwork. I have been on hiatus from my life for years. I have friends and co workers doing life, experiencing their actual world. I sit here, being begged by my spouse for another chance. Being told he is not the same. But two years in and I don’t think I am any closer to feeling like I can ever trust anyone, can ever be normal. And that’s in the best of circumstance. When I already know he has been treacherous… what chance do I have of feeling like I should trust and love him. I don’t know. I am no one to emmulate. I am no one to take advice from. I am flawed. I am broken. And no where close to recovering.


    1. LOL. When you stay with me and read, you’ll discover it’s part of who I am. It’s OCD, or… I’m not sure what it is; I feel better knowing and proving for positive.

      Love your blog and your comments. ❤


      1. I totally understand your search for truth, I wanted it so badly also, but I just wish I could infuse you with some of my ‘to be fucking honest, he’s obvious, he’s shitty, he’s not worth it.’ Because I was told that, I heard it a hundred times because my blog was still public and yet I couldn’t deal. I wanted pictures or videos even with phone records and piles of evidence that he was slutting around with escorts and massage parlour women, I was still in need of validation of these things. I get it, I get it so bad. I just wish I could rip that wiring out of both of us.


      2. I know, I know you’re “on my side.” It’s always easier to see the “speck in the eye of another rather than the log in your own eye” even though it’s totally out of context (log reference) it’s the same meaning for me. Trust me, the Surviving Infidelity site I frequent has several people who’ve told me the same thing. There are others like me as well. Thank you for your Good thoughts, I’ll get there, I’m sure.


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