Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

Passive – Aggressive

messages. Ahh- yes, I hear you, I received your message. So aggressive. So passive. Just say it why don’t you? To ME.


Either way, the pain is the same for all of us, it doesn’t matter when or how, it’s just the same.

The fact that “she” tried to be my best friend; that is what sickens me, Oh, I’ll bring it down: She makes me. sick. Why would you want to be my friend? Why would you cry to me and tell me some embarrassing, details? Why would I care you had hemorrhoids and thought it was cancer? Oh, I was supposed to tell my H, you thought he would rush to your bedside and beg your return.

You tried that ruse with our salesman, remember, the one you were doing before you were doing my H? Yeah.

Funny, (funny ha-ha, or funny peculiar, my H would say) Funny that once I sent you a text I’d love a heart to heart you disappeared, out into construction supply vendor world. Hmmmm, You went over the top, trying to chase away my suspicion on your past with my H.


Anyway, for you and my dear readers, the passive-aggressive ones; Eff you too- I tell no lies, I write only truth.



Big Effing deal.

It still feels the same.

10 thoughts on “Passive – Aggressive”

  1. You are not nuts. What is happening to you is are doing a good job under these circumstances. It will happen and you will get you truth.
    Take care x

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  2. You’re a gem, seriously. Right now, it’s about pride, as funny as that sounds. I can’t stand to think he has somebody dumb enough to wait in the shadows for him, with him. I am a paranoid crazy lady now, I swear. Every move he makes, I think he is calling, texting, and talking behind my back. So far, I have no proof, but I swear, it’s happening.

    I just want one morsel, just one. Then, I can jump out and say “Ah ha, mfer, ah ha, say goodbye to your home, business and money.

    Sheesh, I am nuts.

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      1. Dude I get it. I get it so much. People saying ‘just leave’ or ‘you’re insane no wonder this happened’ the insanity and gaping chest wound that comes out of being cheated on is not known to many, and it brings out the crazy. It’s got some way of making people primal. And no one else understands your pain. It’s different and sadly the same for every damn person who gets cheated on. I’m here for yah kitten.


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