Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

How bout giving me a like or comment? Many views; no response  I’d love a comment or so. Don’t be shy folks.  By the way I hate the word folks

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  1. I think it is the same for most who Blog on infidelity. Many who visit and read, but no comments or likes. It seems that there is a small group who stick together and support each other with comments….and then…the bloggers disappear.

    Although I think all bloggers have this (many more readers than comments and likes), the nature of the topic makes it harder to reach out.


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  2. I have a bundle of readers and find that only a handful comment. I actually have come to realize my desire for comments was another part of the damage done through this whole process. I desperately want to be loved, needed, found witty. I want to be reinforced and encouraged. Validated. I’m aghastthat the people who read aren’t chock full of indignation for me. And I’m lonely. Eternally, desperately, woefully lonely. Having someone just tell me I am not alone and that this ball of shit sucks… is nice.

    But realistically this is your record. This is for you. And some people reading aren’t ready to admit what they are going through, you are ahead of them. Others are afraid of being searchable (their WordPress names are known or could be found on public blogs). Some just don’t have time because they read 150 infidelity blogs and commenting on one means not reading others or commenting on everyone’s… I had to check my expectations of response. I have noticed that some of the blogs I follow which are not about infidelity have comments up the wazoo even when the subject to me seems- pithy. Pedantic. Perhaps you would get more conversations if you wrote about something else a little bit, to develop out what people know about you, connect a bit more. That’s just what I have found and I am just sharing. Much love.


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