Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/



The pain that oozes from the members

Of the website, is beyond what words can describe. Seriously, I’m not trying to pepper the words for drama; I’m not going for the dramatic effect, it is out and out painful to read the words of the B, S. (betrayed spouse) for those of you who have no idea of the lingo.

Nearly 100% of these posters, maybe— maybe 95% use words like “shocked” “never would have believed” “We were considered the best couple” Blah freaking Blah. And, it’s sad.

I knew the statistics, I’ve read all of the “expert” articles, but never would I have thought that infidelity is so darn prevalent.

Hello- Here.Am. I.


Anyone read the book “The Silent Wife” by Kerry Fisher? Here is my secret: I am Laura, I can relate, I think I’m her, in the book.

I’ve not finished the books, so no spoilers.

5 thoughts on “Here.Now.Why.”

  1. Yep. That.
    No one ever woulda ever imagined. We were everyone’s couple to look up to.
    We were the first to get married and the cutest cuddliest of the bunch. Supporting the shit out of each other.

    Oh. Except the whole fake facade it was. The second background life he was living.
    Why, why. Why.


      1. They get off on the hiding it, the control, the fact that you are betrayed is some of what they love. They also don’t want an open marriage. They want you doing what you do, being subservient and handling life, being faithful, being in line with their needs. They just want the ability to fuck everything that moves also.


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