Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

From her to me:

I am (I think) still me and, you,  still you.


So, why the change, why the shock because of the change? What has happened so that we, you and I, prettyfie the now, the future. Why is it we have lied? Or, we have embellished,(a better word) the reality, the truth.  Where, Yes Where, did my E.M.  learn to “embellish.”


When, where and why, have the each of us learned, given in to, thrown it all in the fire? After so many days of covering the asses of those in the highest of position?


When, where and why, did we accept the “bribes” of those who walk the halls, so that they can remain clean, even tough they are dirtier than nasty dirty? Even though they insist that we, you, me, take the blame, the hit, so that they come out smelling like clean, smelling like beauty? These very people, the people for whom we sold our soul, they continue to walk. And , while they walk, they terrify the young, those who fear the outside.



Where and why, my daughters. I’m sorry, I will continue to be sure you are covered.  Remain the young ladies I raised for you to be.



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