Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

The Temptation

.Many are aware that My H and I run a very successful business, together. He has complete control over the employees, their roles, their purpose in Our business. Me? I sign the checks. And I pay the vendors.
Over the past few months, I have noticed one of the employees to take an interest in me. When I exit my office, into the warehouse, HE is often there, preparing for his day. He, the one who looks deep into my eyes, nods his head and says hello.

I know, Iknow he WANTS ME, our employee, this sexy, desirable man, wants me, and I, in a way, Him. I have no attraction to him what-so-ever. The only draw I have is payback. Payback to my H. Could you imagine the humiliation my H would feel if I fucked his employee? A man whom he hired to complete the contract he (my H) has with another. A man, whom my H pays to make him, My H, money? Could you imagine??????
I am tempted, i I am tempted to hurt him the way he has hurt me, to do someone in his office, as I think he has mine. I am tempted to humiliate him, the way he has humiliated me.

This man, our employee, has made it very clear he wants me. Very. He has invited me via social media, he has requested me in many other ways. I, the signer of his check, he, has asked me if he could fuck me.
However, this would involve hurting the OM wife, and that….. that I cannot do.

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