Maybe I’m not surprised

I’m not surprised at the number of women whose theme and purpose of their blog is to journal a love story they have with their lover, and friend. Sharing the passionate nights, days and stolen moments; any moment that can be shared and spent together. The time that goes quickly, and ends in a forced, brave smile, only to shed tears when he can no longer see her face. The author is nearly insisting, and maybe even begging the reader to share in her painful love affair, one that she didn’t mean to happen. How, Oh how did she ever fall in love with a married man?!




“If only,” she writes, “it was me who lived with him. Why, I would never sleep until noon, order pizza for dinner and lay unresponsive while he makes love to me. I would be better than his wife, and would listen to his talk of his boss and co-workers.   Flower other woman I would wash his laundry and would work out, never allowing myself to go like she has. “How do I  know this?”  (sheasks)” I know, because  he told me, and he is an honest person, I believe him.”


“He wouldn’t need me if she were a good spouse. So religious and uptight. She doesn’t under stand him like I do.”Boring wife

Belch again

Dear other woman,
There are many who feel sorry for you. Sorry that you are heart-broken for your lover, your cheating lover. I would bet they are saddened to know that you spend your holidays alone while he spends them with his miserable, fat, ugly, lazy, AND frigid wife. I’d wager that he is wishing as much as you are (if not more) that he could be spending this day with you, his hot, sexy, tight \ firm bodied, happy-oh-so-happy, smokin hot lover. Why, how happy you all could be together! All? You know, the kids.


“Oh, yes– the kids. Well, they couldn’t be too bad. I mean, I will  teach those poor, neglected girls how to apply makeup, I will  take them shopping, show them how a real mom and wife should be.”  (Oh, wonderful me, she sing-songs)

So, as I continue:  Dear other woman, I want for you to know that I “mostly” forgive you, that is if I don’t think too long about , “it.”

I forgive you because you are sad, lonely, and apparently desperate. You have convinced yourself that he loves you, and if he could, he would be with you. Always. Forever. You have sold yourself and your heart to someone who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. You see, Dear other woman, you slept with a man when you were completely aware of the fact that he IS a  married, “committed,” involved, with someone else. More than likely his spouse has no idea about you. None, at least for now. Oh, and Dear other woman, more than likely, his wife does not sleep until noon, order pizza for dinner and let the house go to hell. But then again, I think you know the truth.

You know the truth, but hope for the worst. You want her to be fat, lazy, ugly, and selfish. Right now you ignore his pot-belly, greying, balding head because you want somebody, somebody who is already made, has money and will tell you how sexy and beautiful you are.

I want you to know the truth about affairs and the truth about the Other Woman. At the risk of sounding like an angry, bitter, betrayed wife (even though I am) I encourage you to do the research on your own.  It isn’t because your sexy and beautiful because he would F a lizard if he could get it to stop for him. The news isn’t so encouraging.

If you are the BS (Betrayed Spouse) is how I’ll be referring, hang out here. I hope to give some encouragement whether you decide to stay and reconcile or leave him behind. I have what I think is going to be helpful information.





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