Most of us work so hard to grow our girls into strong, confident, hard working women; to be self-sufficient, so that if anything happens, they will be able to take care of themselves. ( I’m not talking about removing God from the equation. ) We want for them to be secure enough to go through life without selling their soul for love. To make choices that will help them to build on each relationship until they get to their husband. Of course, they will make mistakes, but hopefully not ones that will destroy the lives of their friends, family  and the family and friends of others.


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Don’t ever settle to be “The Other Woman”. I don’t care if you didn’t know he was married until you already were in love with him. (Which is usually B.S. anyway)

The older a woman gets, the more threatened she becomes, fearing that she will end up alone. She wants babies, houses, cars and parent-teacher conferences. She wants camping trips, Disney Land vacations, and yes, even crying jags over a mother-in-law. If she is nearing 25 and has been spending her weekends attending weddings of friends and co-workers while “merely dating”, she is thinking it isn’t looking promising for her… she is going to settle, and it just might be your husband.

You’re thinking your husband would never, you’re even saying you would know. I bet you could even be saying “good luck, keep the coward, he’s all yours, and DO NOT bring him back!”  I’m telling you now; it could happen. It might happen. If you’re saying the latter (Don’t bring him back) IT WILL HAPPEN.  broken heart

I want to help you keep this from happening and if it already is….. I want to help you stop it from continuing. If you stick around and follow some of the advice I give, I will help you stop it dead in its tracks. And you won’t even need to nag, plead, cry or beg.

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  1. I never, ever in any small corner of my heart or being thought infidelity would be part of my life, my marriage. Not only was I wrong…it started right before our second anniversary. My H ended up having three full-blown affairs, one night stand and porn/masturbation throughout our marriage (he’d start/stop, go awhile…) when I began to discover truth after 27 years of marriage. You’re right. It can happen to you. And you think you will know…


    1. Thank you for your comment, it’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s not that I thought our marraige was perfect, far from it, obviously. I never even tried to pretend it was perfect. I just never thought my husband would go there, and if he did… maybe, I mean maybe a drunken one night stand, and then at least beg for forgiveness. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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