Life and Marriage- Do I stay or Do I leave/

How does death affect life?

I’m not exactly sure why but there is something about losing a loved one that causes days to look differently. It’s hard to explain, but most people will agree. I’m talking literally; for instance, driving in your car, pull up to a stoplight and looking to your left. There, in the car beside you sits a man, he could be a father on the way home from the grocery store after work. Maybe a mom, on the way to soccer practice, kids argue in the back. A teen girl, teen boy, whatever and whoever… you get my drift. But, as you look at that person you actually see them, you notice everything about him/her/them in the car next to you.


They are living their life, you think, They are living life and have no idea that I have just lost someone very dear to me. My days are different; music sounds different, food, if I can eat tastes different. My life is falling apart, and he/she doesn’t even know or care.

When our son was stillborn, I felt this way. In the past when I’ve had break-ups, I felt this way. My dentist, who was a dear, so sweet, someone I could easily confide in, just lost her life to cancer. She fought so.darn.hard.  She wrote a birthday card to me, and in it, delivered the news. I know she did so to not have to talk about it with me.


She wrote:
I’ve been put on permanent disability; I’m still fighting. I can’t wait to vote! The rest was more personal and  written just for me. cropped-broken-me1.jpg
Her passing has been quite hard for me. Woke me, caused me to look around me. Caused me to listen to the words I speak. Forced me to hear what I don’t say.  Insisted I see what I look at every day. Her passing has enriched, strengthened, deepened, my love, hope, and desire for my Creator, who dearly loves me (and you). 

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful; we can be thankful every day.
Be well, Friends,
There is something about losing a loved one that causes days to look differently.


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